ELATE-SJ Meeting Agenda

ELATE Summer Conference 2019

University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, AR

 Friday, July 19th, 2019


MAIN 0323
  1. Introductions, New Members, Sharing of ELATE SJ sessions
  2. Commission Updates and News
    1. Moderator Guide (
    2. Book: Teaching Toward Social Justice: Critical Pedagogies from the Commission on Social Justice in Teacher Education
    3. Online discussion: Anti-racist teaching; James Baldwin’s “A Talk for Teachers”
  • Workgroup Updates
    1. Commission Website & Social Media Outreach (online discussions): Noah Asher Golden, Amy Vetter, and Thea Williamson
    2. Critical Media Literacy: Melissa Schieble & Terri Rodriguez
    3. Research and scholarship: Briana Asmus & Chaz H. Gonzalez
    4. Other: Discuss options for another workgroup, such as advocacy
 Ongoing conversations:
  1. Structured Workgroup Time
  2. Publication Collaboration & Proposals for future work together