Welcome to the ELATE (formerly CEE) Commission on Social Justice in Teacher Education Programs website.

English Language Arts Teacher Educators (ELATE)


Mission and Vision

The work of the ELATE Commission for Social Justice is grounded in the belief that to make sense of teaching and research in the field of English language arts we must consider and value gender, race, sexual identity, culture, class, language, citizenship, ability, and any intersectionality of these identities as central categories for culturally sustaining and humanizing practices in our research and teaching. The goals of the  Commission are therefore to (1) develop and uncover models of anti-racist and anti-bias teaching in teaching and teacher education; (2) capture and reflect the ways these intersectional identities are entangled in educational spaces; (3) promote self-reflection of teachers and teacher educators in English language arts and other disciplines; (4) work toward dismantling the racist, settler colonial, and white supremacist power structures that founded and persist in the field of education; (5) expand the influence of the commission’s work  among students, educators, researchers, and communities; and (6) offer meaningful opportunities for transformation, constructive growth, and rebirth in our profession through a synthesis of storytelling, teaching, advocacy, co-conspiratorship, and research.