About Us

The CEE Commission on Social Justice in Teacher Education Programs’s work is grounded in the belief that it is impossible to make sense of the field of English language arts without using gender, race, and class (among others) as central categories of description and analysis. As social justice teacher educators and teachers, our goal is to develop and uncover models of teaching that are flexible enough to capture and reflect the ways identities, structures and material conditions function together; to determine how teachers in English language arts see themselves and others; and to delineate the opportunities for transformation, constructive growth, and change in and through our profession. We meet every year at the NCTE Annual Convention in November, every other year in June at the CEE Summer Conference, and continue our ongoing dialogues and projects through workgroups in between our in-person meetings. Please email us at CEE.socialjustice@gmail.com or post comments below if you would like to get involved with our projects.

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