Spring 2021 Dialogue

Welcome to our current dialogue.

We ask that you post an initial response to one or more of these questions from March 8th-12th. Then, please respond to at least two posts to generate dialogues across contexts and experience. The dialogue period will be from March 8th-26th.

Recommended readings

Dutro, E. (2017). Let’s start with heartbreak: The perilous potential of trauma in literacy. Language Arts94(5), 326.

Golden, N. (2020). The Importance of Narrative: Moving Towards Sociocultural Understandings of Trauma-Informed Praxis. Occasional Paper Series2020(43), 7.

Jones, S., & Spector, K. (2017). Becoming unstuck: Racism and misogyny as traumas diffused in the ordinary. Language Arts94(5), 302.

Simmons, D. (2020). If we aren’t addressing racism, we aren’t addressing trauma. ASCD In-Service.

Simmons, D. (2020). Confronting inequality/The Trauma we don’t see. ASCD In-Service.

Suggested Dialogue Questions

  • How did the authors define trauma? What did you learn about trauma-informed teaching practices in literacy classrooms and/or in schools? 

  • What is the intersection between trauma informed instruction and anti-racism?  In what ways does using trauma informed instruction help us to create anti-racist educational spaces for our students? 

  • What connections did you make to the articles, as a teacher and/or student? What questions do you have?

You are invited to respond to one or more of these questions. (To post, please log in using a Facebook, Twitter, or WordPress account.) Please feel free to share experiences, dilemmas, questions, or information about particular contexts of teaching and learning (e.g., where you student teach, teach, study, or participant observe) as you explore intersections between trauma-informed teaching and anti-racist teaching. You may also feel free to recommend or cite texts (e.g., articles, books, films) that may be of interest to others on a thread.


Let's Discuss

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